Lastpass Review 2021: The Best Password Manager? Here's the Truth!

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How good is LastPass? Is it the best password manager out there? Find out everything in this ultimate LastPass review.
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Note: RoboForm is our new #1 pick for the best password manager -- thanks to its frill of awesome features, solid encryption, intuitive interface, and competitive pricing. Keeper now ranks second on our list, while LastPass takes the third spot.


The internet is a strange place. Despite being one of the most remarkable products of technology, it can also be a curse.

With lurking hackers and cybercriminals looking to capitalize a single moment of weakness to steal your passwords and access your important websites, the internet can be a highly dangerous place.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that roughly 6.85 million accounts get hacked every single day. Therefore, it’s never a good idea to recycle passwords.

According to a reliable source, about 51% of people utilize the same passwords for personal and work accounts. On top of that, most people use weak passwords for account security, making things easier for cybercriminals.

Thankfully, for every problem in this world, there’s a solution. And for this one, the solution is a password manager.

Instead of relying on free options, which are usually extremely limited in terms of features and functionalities, we suggest using a premium option.

Our team has spent countless hours reviewing and ranking all the best password managers available out there, so you can easily and confidently choose the best option without wasting your time or money.

In this video, we will review LastPass, one of the most popular password managers around. We will look at five important factors: features, security, user-friendliness, support, and pricing.

We also have exclusive deals and offers for you. Check out the official links above if you want to secure a special discount on LastPass, as well as Keeper (our highest-rated password manager).

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