How Tarantino films dominance in my favorite Pulp Fiction scene

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Pulp Fiction is a masterclass in storytelling - it's undeniable. The film introduces characters in an unforgettable way; in particular, Jules and Vincent's opening scene has become engrained in pop-culture. Tarantino uses straightforward and effective cinematography to build context, escalate tension, and arrive at a powerful confrontation.
Today, we're talking about that Big Kahuna scene, and how Tarantino builds Jules' dominance through the lens. We'll take a look at composition and the rule of thirds, movement and guiding the eye, and why this scene has become so iconic.

0:00 Introduction
0:47 Cinematography crash-course
2:02 Context
3:24 Escalation
6:48 Confrontation
8:56 Closing thoughts

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