Enemy | How Denis Villeneuve creates visual meaning | video essay

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Analyzing Denis Villeneuve's Enemy, to bring answers to the movie's questions. Why the spiders? Who is the enemy?
Enemy is intricate and confusing - but if you look hard enough, it reveals it's secrets in an extremely satisfying manner.
Denis Villeneuve is a genius who manages to infuse meaning and depth into every moment of his films.

00:00 Intro
01:56 Colors
02:09 Yellow
03:40 Contrasting Colors
05:14 Chiaroscuro
08:02 Imagery
08:20 Women
08:54 Powerlessness
10:18 Spiders
11:04 Dialectics
12:49 Reconciliation
13:51 Cycles and the unavoidable
15:35 Outro

Lukrembo - Butter
Vivek Abhishek - The night house, The Edge
Dan Bodan - Orison