Amazing spider baffles scientists with huge web | The Hunt - BBC

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A Darwin's bark spider sprays a 25 metre bridging line across a river. From this silken thread - which is the toughest natural fibre on the planet - she will suspend her web.

The contests between predators and prey are the most dramatic events in nature. The Hardest Challenge reveals the extraordinary range of techniques predators use to catch their prey - from a leopard using all its powers of stealth to stalk impala in broad daylight and wild dogs, whose tactic is to wear down their prey over long distances, to Nile crocodiles, the planet's most patient predators, and killer whales who use teamwork and intelligence to take on humpback whales. But even with these finely tuned strategies, the outcome is far from certain. Surprisingly, most predators fail most of the time.

The Hunt | Series 1 Episode 1 | BBC One

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