Why EOS Lip Balm Should Be Your Next Healthcare Product Purchase

EOS Lip Balm has become a product that is become sought after in the health care and beauty department for a valid reason. It is a product that has truly met the expectation of customers, as opposed to lip balm products that are made by other manufacturers. If you happen to be one of those very customers that have been disappointed by lip balm products from other companies, then please feel free to give EOS Lip Balm a try as they have been known to deliver on their promises of providing a product to their respective customer base that keeps their lips healthy and moist during its application.

What many people fail to realize when it comes to using a lip balm product is that lip balm is meant to last for more than just a few minutes after applying it to one’s lips. In other words, it should not have the user feeling like they did not even apply any lip balm to their lips just after applying it. If this happens to be your particular case, then please do not hesitate to contact an EOS Lip Balm distributor and give their product a try as many customers have been pleased with what they have offered. EOS products are available on local Well, Walmart and Target stores nationwide. The EOS brand is also available online.

It is a wonderful product that truly gives customers what they are looking for in a lip balm product. The negative aspects that are experienced by people who have purchased ineffective lip balm products is that they have had cracked lips, dry lips, and pain in their lips from cracking. EOS makes its lip balm product to assure its customer base that they will not be experiencing such problems. They truly have the customers’ health on the top of their priority list when manufacturing the product.


The Quincy Circle Armed Robbery at Pizza Shop

In South Brunswick, NJ on the night of May 7th 2013 in the parking lot at Quincy Circle, an armed robbery occurred involving a pizza delivery guy. The victim said a armed man approached him demanding his pizza and money. The suspect was identified as Parysh Wood, 21 who also goes by the nick names “Pistol” and “P-Gun”. Police were able to connect Parysh Wood to the crime using cell phone records. “This case was solved four months after the crime because investigators did not give up” Said Chief Raymond Hayducka. “In this digital age, many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find”, said Hayducka. Having already being incarcerated for other armed robberies involving pizza deliver guys, according to Jim Ryan of the South Brunswick Police Department. He is now being held at county jail on $100,000 bail

In South Brunswick, NJ on the night of October 7th police received calls about shots going off in the New Brunswick Apartments on Commercial Ave. This complex has been a hot spot for crime in the recent years Police confirmed one individual was injured and was quickly rushed to the hospital in a private vehicle. According to police radio the vehicle was a dark-colored Honda. Police are still looking for the suspect who was known to be a man wearing a hoodie. The suspect had fled towards Neilson St. after firing shots. New Brunswick Police Department also found bullet castings near building #1 in the complex the following day.