Kim Dao On Pokemon Go In Japan

Kim Dao talks to you about Pokemon Go playing in Japan, well she shows you funny clips instead actually. These little clips are perfect to give you a laugh. There’s the rumor reading, and the rumors are always something to break the hearts of players. Checking your Facebook suddenly is all about Pokemon, and then you check your phone and get sad because there’s nothing to do. Kim Dao says that preparing to go out now involves putting on your comfy Pokemon hunting clothes, and loading a bag with spare batteries. So many people play that you will get into fights just picking a starter because someone always wants the same as you. Kim Dao shows that catching Pokemon is just not as fun as you think it will be. She shows the frustration of walking around town all day to hatch an egg, just to have it glitch. According to Kim Dao there are Pokemon Go players standing at corners for hours, always missing their chance to cross because they stare at their phones while they wait. Then for all the effort that Kim Dao has put into walking around the city hunting and catching Pokemon what happens? Her phone dies. The worst part? She hasn’t even gotten to play and now she has to make her way home, phone-less and with no way to catch Pokemon. To end the night her friend walks by, sees her crying into a pile of Pikachu, hopes crushed as she gives up.

An Overview of John Goullet

Mr. John Goullet is the principle of Diversant LLC. He started Info Technologies and served as the Chief Executive Officer in 1994. He was the computer consultant and IT executive staffer before starting his company. He focused on IT staffing needs and corporate climate information technologies for his clients then matched the work and their skill sets to meet client’s needs.

He managed to grow info technologies into an award-winning organization. Goullet entry into business came 24 years ago when he started an IT staffing firm. He realized that there was a little barrier to market entry and was encouraged by others who had succeeded before him in business and John’s lacrosse camp.

Diversant is a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) and the largest African American-owned IT staffing firm; major products include IT staffing and different products including direct hire, IT staff augmentation. John Goullet acts as principle after merging his Information technologies with Diversion in 2010 to create Diversant LLC.

According to John, idea generation starts by observing and paying attention to what’s happening in the Labour markets, consequently, he found that there is always a shortage of IT professionals in the US because US colleges don’t graduate enough students. As a result, the company analyses the technologies that will be in high demand and then starts building capacity with a pipeline of skills sets suitable for their clients.

The growth and expansion of technologies are ever increasing the portion of GDP and demand for skilled personnel will always grow tremendously. Therefore, Diversant future is very brilliant as long as it delivers value to its clients and John of website.

Mr. John thrives in productive paranoia, and that pushes him to go an extra mile and be productive. The feeling that the competition is always trying to push ahead and overtake him is what ultimately drive him to push Diversant forward.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. John argues that one should always look at the best run competitors and learn from them moreover hiring the best advisors and dynamic accountable sales force while investing deeply in training more associates is the key to success and more information click here.

Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Recruiter Authority

In the world of business, it is important to hire the right people for the job, but for executive recruiter Julie Zuckerberg the rewards are staggering. An executive recruiter’s job is just that; to recruit individuals that are qualified to fit executive-role positions. Between managing employee grievances, filling open job postings, and developing recruitment strategies, the work that she must undergo is staggering and often overwhelming. Learning what people would fit well in which position can be a challenge, but Mrs. Zuckerberg finds the job fulfilling despite its perceived difficulty. In fact, she enjoys the work that she does, because her methods strengthen the bonds between her coworkers and her employees, and overall makes the job much more enjoyable. Through her work with various banking firms in New York, she developed extraordinary skills as a recruiter and uses them to their fullest. Her credentials for the job include a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York, as well as an extensive 10-year history in the field.



Julie began her career in 2002 at Hudson as a Director of Candidate Placement. During her five-year employment with the company, she was in charge of recruiting attorneys, paralegals, and support staff for both temporary and permanent positions within law firms and corporations. She also managed employee information about benefits and opportunities for advancement within the company. Her job extended to employee relations with counseling, coaching, and de-escalating disputes between parties. When Zuckerberg left the company in 2007, she moved on to be an executive recruiter at Citi Bank. While with Citi, she was responsible for recruiting candidates to senior level roles within Legal and Compliance sectors, as well as hire director and managing director positions for CitiCards. She was also responsible for counseling managers and creating job postings to fill executive positions. Zuckerberg did a brief, four-month employment with New York Life Insurance before moving on to her most recent work position, Deutsche Bank.



Currently, Julie Zuckerberg works for Deutsche Bank in New York City as an Executive Recruiter. She hires and fills positions based on best possible candidate, as well as manage employees and job postings. During the hiring process, Zuckerberg looks for workers acquainted with the field to ensure that employees are qualified and possess the knowledge to complete their job accurately and efficiently. When she is hiring she also speaks to her employees in a way that invites their opinions on possible candidates, which opens a dialogue between her and her employees to create a welcoming environment. However, Julie’s life is not all about her job, and she does enjoy other, more relaxing activities such as running, home decoration, collecting food recipes on Pinterest, and getting involved with her community. She is also very passionate about a number of social issues such as animal and human rights, social welfare, science, technology, and economic development, and actively supports those groups that are relevant to her interests.


The Evolution of EOS Lip Balms

The Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms is one of the best things that ever happened to women and men who can’t stay without a good lip balm in their pockets or handbags. These lip balms are far different from the old chapsticks that would come in cylindrical tubes and no fun to them. They made it feel like applying lip balm was a drug taking ritual. But the year 2009, the best thing in the beauty industry happened. Three like-minded individuals came up with a lip balm brand, Evolution of Smooth.

Craig Dubitsky, Jonathan Teller and Mehra came together and founded the EOS lip balm brand. According to their Fast Company interview, they started by conducting a research to find the gap in this specific niche. What they found out is that many companies are driven by the need to cut on costs and maximize on their profits. They found this as an opportunity for a business to thrive. They also found out that the highest percentage of lip balm users were women. And, while most companies produced unisex lip balms, women wanted to have something fun and playful. Something like an accessory that they could put in their handbags. With this information, they went down to work.

The three raised funds out of their own pockets and decided to put delight in pots of lip balm. They made lip balms with innovativeness that hadn’t been seen before. They put the lip balms on round pots that fit perfectly in the hands. Then they concentrated on the smell, ensuring that the fragrance is perfect. They founders of EOS also looked into the taste and even the clicking sounds of when the lip balm is closed. Today, EOS lip balms can be found in literally every store.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.

Personal Financial Success Drives the Philanthropic Work of George Soros

The impressive financial and investment expert George Soros is seen by many within liberal political circles around the world as one of the leading lights for advancing the cause of candidates, political parties, and causes with a left leaning viewpoint of the world. Born in Hungary in 1930, it is easy to see how living under a succession of oppressive regimes led to George Soros taking up his liberal viewpoint that is now seen as one of the most important in global politics; Politico reports George Soros survived the Holocaust and Nazi Occupation of Hungary during World War II by hiding his identity and Jewish background with forged papers sourced by his father. Following the end of the Second World War, Hungary fell under Communist rule and the oppression seen each day by the young George Soros led to him choosing to embark on a journey to London as a refugee where he would start his career in finance. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

According to Forbes, George Soros has made his career a success by taking a number of financial risks on the way to developing a personal fortune estimated to have reached more than $25 billion by April 2017. Soros came to prominence on a global scale in 1992 when he played a major role in the devaluation of the British Pound on a single day that saw the graduate of the London School of Economics make a reported $1 billion profit off the gamble on the weakening U.K. currency. The huge personal fortune George Soros has created through his own Soros Fund Management company has allowed him to explore some of the top ways of backing the causes he feels are most important in the world, including making a major impact on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and the days following the election of Republican President Donald Trump. Visit to know more about George Soros.

Top aides and advisors to George Soros have reported through Politico the fact he has rarely seems as interested in politics and playing a major role in liberal causes as he has over the last few years as the Administration of President Obama drew to a close. Among the donations made by Soros over the course of the 2016 election cycle was more than $25 million provided to the campaign and support groups of Hillary Clinton; Soros also backed a number of local candidates for local criminal justice positions as he feels the lack of equality and minority representation is having a damaging effect on the system across the U.S. Since the victory of President Trump the leadership of the Democratic Party has looked to George Soros to lead it through the many different choices the political party must take as they seek to reestablish a foothold in politics and fight the rise of Donald Trump’s right wing policies.

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Norman Paitiz PodCastOne Show Podcast Advertsing

Norman Paitz executive chairman of PodcastOne announced results to PR Newswire about studies that were conducted studying advertising of fiver major consumer brands. The study measured the before and after results of podcast advertising during 2016. It showed podcast advertising has impact on consumers brand recall.

Their study showed 60% of consumers mentioned the grocery brand after the podcast advertising campaign. The complete study increased product awareness for financial products, lawn care, and automobile aftermarket services. The company conducted three different studies in 2016 to measure effectiveness of podcast advertising.

The five brands tested ranged from well known to lesser know. They focused on new advertising messages and ways to convey the image of the product or service. They conducted a survey of the audience before they ran the advertising podcasts. After the podcast had run for 4 to six weeks they ran another survey of the audience.

Overall the study showed the audience that listened to podcast advertising was receptive to new products and willing to think about purchasing new brands. Norman Paitz partnered with Edison research vice president Tom Webster to conduct the podcast study. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Norman Paitz has many years of experience. In 1976 when he lost his job he created his own company called Westwood One. He marketed a show about Motown with unreleased music and artist interviews that he sold to different radio stations. About 200 radio stations ran the programming. After the end of his first year he had grossed $200,000 in revenue.

In 1984 he made his company public. Eventually Infinity Broadcasting took over the management. He left in 2010 and started another company called Courtside Entertainment that handled high profile entertainers for Westwood One. He met Kit Gray a young professional making $2 million a year selling podcasts. He found that there was little competition in the industry.

According to Dash Conference, Norman Paitz went into business with Kit Gray creating PodCastOne. Today this company is very successful and continues to grow with podcast adverting program. They stared with six advertisers and quickly acquired more than 100. They made deal to distribute the radio show to major networks.

The Finances Of Wine

There are a lot of companies that are doing well with the strong economy. One area that is really strong is wine. As the economy improves, more people are willing to spend a little extra money in their budget for fine wine. Over the long term, this is a trend that is going to continue. One of the best companies in the UK is UKV PLC.

UKV PLC is a company that truly cares about the lives of others, and they are excited about all of the changes that are coming as well. If you are ready to take your life to the next level in business, learning some secrets to success from UKV PLC is a great idea. Not only that, but they can help you plan out the future of your business in a variety of ways.

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From the time the company was started, the leaders were always focused on the future. A lot of people look up to the amount of work that has been done in a short amount of time with UKV PLC. This is a company that is investing in technology to help drive innovation and change in the coming years. Not only that, but they are excited about some of the changes that people are making to the future of their business.

If you want to learn how to succeed in this area of the economy, UKV PLC is the perfect company to look at. Not only can they help you get to the next level in life, but they will also help in other ways as well. Wine is a business that takes many years to get right, and you need to make sure you are thinking about the long term of your company with every decision that you make.

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Squaw Valley Is Fixing Up The Upper Mountain Water Quality Issue

Squaw Valley has just released a statement in order to calm the fear in people’s mind about E. coli, as well as coliform bacteria, having been found in its drinking water on the upper mountain.



It was the 8th of Nov when this health issue was communicated to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. After this, the water is being treated on a continuous basis. Now it has improved considerably. The water is being examined continuously and shows that three of the four wells which are serving this have low amounts of coliform. There has been no trace of E. coli in them. This has been stated by Wesley Nicks, who is the director of Placer County Environmental Health.



Due to this issue, Upper mountain’s restaurants have closed. Skiers have been told not to drink the water here till the issue gets resolved. No reports have come in of any health issues. Skiing is continuing as usual at the ski resort.



It was on 30 Nov that a full statement was provided. This was delivered by Liesl Kenney, who is the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.



This statement presented facts regarding water quality at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. October saw a heavy rain storm lashing this area. It led to several water systems getting affected all across Placer County. This is why the water system got inundated leading to its contamination. He also mentioned that this issue was highly limited. It did not reach anywhere beyond the system. There were no other water systems that got affected this way. He also clarified that contaminated water was never supplied to the public at any given time.



There has been the routine testing conducted of this water. It has confirmed it. The Placer County Environmental Health along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District was contacted and informed about this issue. Many safety experts were also contacted regarding this. Steps have now been taken, and these will continue till the contaminated water returns to its normal levels. Now bottled drinking water is being supplied to the skiers here.




The Life Of A Modern Millionaire

Research shows that a modern millionaire has seven sources of income. This means that you must have a sixth sense of curiosity that is driven by a sense of responsibility for you to become a millionaire in the current economy. There is no better word to define Arthur Becker when you look into his life. According to his crunchbase bio, Arthur Becker is a current millionaire who invests in cool stuff that involves making money. He is an entrepreneur based in New York, He invests in real estate, biotechnology and information technology, fashion, and art. His choice of investment makes him cool because the blending of the different field produces a good texture for him as an entrepreneur.

Arthur Becker is also a philanthropist, see . A philanthropist is a person who gives back to the society after he or she has created wealth in the community. Becker’s character makes an admirable person for anyone to emulate. His contribution to the community is profound as he ends up giving back to the society in the long run. He is committed to improving the company and the community as well. He is a modern millionaire with a peculiar taste in what he invests in as mentioned above.

Arthur Becker is a graduate of Bennington College. He graduated with a B.A in Fine Arts. Arthur had an excellent combination of studies since he majored in pre-med, ceramics, and photography. This explains why he is a modern millionaire. He is the manager at Madison Partners, LLC. The firm invests in real estate and startups in biotechnology. Becker has been a leader in several organizations.

Arthur has cultivated different skills and interests under his leadership. They have helped him in decision making and developing investment interest. Arthur believes in working with people who are of higher capacity than himself. Working with more capable people yields greater results. Arthur believes in talent. He is optimistic that talent can propel someone to success if it is used well. He believes that a talented person can change the world if he or she is in position to critically think and come up with ideas.


Securus Technology is a Great Tool for Fighting Corruption

Prisons are not nice places for anyone to stay. They are hard, tough and very challenging places to be. Truth is they are supposed to be that way since people are being punished for their crimes. One of the worst things that can happen within a prison is having a corrupt prison staff. If the officers who are in charge of the prison are crooked individuals; a prison can quickly turn into a place of lawlessness and an extremely dangerous place to be for everyone in and outside of jail.


Thanks to Securus communication technology, many corrupt guards and prison officials are quickly discovered. Many prisons report using Securus systems to capture shady prison guards who conduct illegal activities behind bars with inmates. Oftentimes, correctional officers will use a prison’s communication system to make calls or to use their computer system.


For some reason, many of these individuals think they can say or do anything without it being a problem. Corrupt prison officials will often communicate to the outside on an inmate’s behalf while using the phone. They will also perform shady deals with inmates in regards to contraband or to perform some other type of criminal act.


A lot of the camera systems within prisons are wired with Securus technology and these devices can capture sound as well as a person’s image. Many facilities have reported that corrupt guards have been caught through the use of Securus technology. They enjoy how this communications system can record calls and tape guard’s behaviors while they are present within a prison system.


Securus has actually helped to put an end to corrupt prison practices by corrections officers who decided to exploit the system for their own ends. Many corrections officers who are seriously trying to do their job enjoy the benefit that Securus brings. This system helps them to stem the flow of prison corruption. It also helps to make prisons a safer place to be so that guards and inmates can eventually return safely home.