Fabletics Depends On Reviews to Be A Leading Contender In Online Shopping Experiences

In the world of virtual shopping, there is one rule that all brands and businesses must harness to increase sales is; you have to depend on the reviews left by others to drive in more sales to your brand. This is not just a rule for those just starting out but for all businesses and brands looking to stay in business. The requirement for increased, powerful reviews is what others will use to determine if they want to purchase something or not.


With the increased sales of brands like Fabletics, more membership based businesses are opening up. Many of these businesses however will not open a physical store. The need for physical stores is avoided as the cost goes up in the need to operate a business outside of the virtual world. No matter how much Fabletics knows this to be true, they also know that you have to be willing to amend your ways. For this reason, there are 7 actual stores in business outside of the virtual world.


With those 7 stores, the hope is that by the time 5 years is up, the brand has succeeded at opening over 100 stores locally. The main goal is to allow consumers who want to try something on before purchasing it to have the ability to do so. It is also used as a guide to helping those to determine if they want to purchase the brand at all.


Right out the gate, Fabletics knew that it was going to take someone special to be the spokesperson of the brand. With a very short list of names, the one person they all agreed on was Kate Hudson. The name immediately was liked and she was then approached with the idea. Knowing first hand about how difficult it is to find something that you like to wear to workout in, Kate knew she could do great things for brand if she just tried hard enough.


Kate Hudson is making sure that anyone who tries on the brand is satisfied with it. By working to come up with a plan to ensure that consumers would like what they receive, Kate came up with the plan to work on guaranteeing that the consumers would leave behind a positive review. Through the idea of the Lifestyle quiz, the members were asked to participate in the quiz to help them to guarantee that all shipments that come from Fabletics are ones that they like.


In any point in time, if a shopper receives something they do not like, they will be asked to either exchange it for something else in that same price bracket or to put a credit on their account. When the account is credited, the shopper can choose to skip a month and use that credit the following month or they can choose to leave it there until they want to use it.


With the guarantee that they will exchange or credit the account, more consumers appreciate the membership they pay for. With the idea of being pleased, more reviews are being left to create a positive feedback experience by others who also shop for Fabletics clothing.

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