Alexandre Gama is A Towering Figure In Advertising

Alexandre Gama has risen to become a legend in Brazilian advertising with his remarkably successful career which has been characterized by distinguished awards and an enviable longevity. He founded a powerhouse agency in Brazil called Neogama which is among the country’s top agencies and wields a great deal of influence on their culture. He also successfully led an international network of advertising agencies as their Chief Creative Officer.

The career of Alexandre Gama took off when he signed on with DM9 as a Copywriter and Creative Director. He enjoyed one success after the other during this time and became the most awarded copywriter of his generation in Brazil.

Another milestone for him was when he founded Neogama in 1999 and they had an impact in its earliest days. They were the first agency to receive a prestigious Lions award at the Cannes Festival during their first year of existence.

One of his most enduring tributes is when he was invited to display his best work at the Brazilian Art Museum. He was the first advertising figure to be so honored and the exhibition was a wonderful success which highlighted his cultural influence and significance. He is a towering figure in Brazil and around the world as well.

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