The Conservative Attempts to Tamper Johnson Amendment and the Fights of End Citizens United

Everyone knows that conservatives are targeting the campaign fiancé laws in an attempt make them vulnerable and make it accessible for their ill-gotten large money funders. Since the Citizens United 2010 verdict, it has got amplified, and they tried to remove every legislation and rule that found to be blocking their ways of pumping money. In their attempts, they opened the campaign system to the external forces, and it was highly visible in the 2016 Presidential election, where the Russian troll farm issue has shown how the election system of the country has cut short into tiny pieces without any choices to such infiltration attempts. Now, it is going to expand further with the weakening of Johnson Amendment.

The 1954 legislation introduced by Lyndon B. Johnson was blocking the unlimited access to organizations like churches in political spending. Though churches were able to participate and campaign in the elections, they were not allowed to get any tax exemption on such funding. Contributions to churches are exempt from tax, and the rule was making a block on channeling political funds through churches. The recent executive order approved by President Donald Trump opens doors towards the possibility of political funding channeled through churches to get tax exemption. It is a potential loophole in the system identified by Tiffany Muller of End Citizens United – a leading PAC fighting against ill-gotten and uncontrolled money into politics. Interestingly, most churches did not request for such a move, except a few.

But, Donald Trump was citing this in the Presidential election and was stating it as something to be removed. ECU feels that the new move would put religion and politics into a single bucker, which majority of the Americans do not find comfortable. A 2017 research conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that more than 66% people felt uncomfortable in putting politics in religion. End Citizens United has decided to fight against the new move by the conservatives. ECU and other similar organizations started monitoring the attempts of the government and over 100 faith-based organizations along with its contributors and supporters. ECU is worried that though the new tax bill could not damage Johnson Amendment, the Republicans might come up with more dangers.

Since its formation in 2015, ECU is known for the fights to curtail the Citizen United verdict effects. The PAC visions to come up with legislation that can restrict the ill effects of the verdict. With that motive in mind, ECU tries to send maximum pro-campaign representatives to both the houses. By doing so, it plans to legislate new campaign finance laws that ensure integrated and errorless system. With that mission in mind, the PAC tries to reach out every American through its social media campaigns and grass root level volunteers.

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