How End Citizens United Seeks to Tilt the Political Balances in the United States

The Federal Government and the Congress have come under great pressure and scrutiny from the End Citizens United to reform their financial policies. The End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee responsible for the implementation of the proposed policy changes. Despite the fact that the outfit emerged towards the primaries, their resolve has remained steady. End Citizens is planning to nominate candidates for various elective positions through the Democratic Party.


State-wide Donations and Citizen Participation

More than 136,000 citizens volunteered in the first round to support and share the change message as envisioned by the End Citizens United. The people freely gave donations, letters, and moral support to these causes. The average donation was rated at $14.00. The Congress has received pressure to amend the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010.


Major loopholes came about from the 2010 decision, by giving an opportunity to agencies, governmental bodies, and interest groups to loot state federal coffers. End Citizens United intends to seal this gap and prevent such impunity by the political class. Currently, it has more than 0.4 million signatories to their national petition.


Rallying the states and understanding the decision

The decision in 2010 gave way to the ratification of many fiscal policies down to the states in the entire nation. The effect on the economic policies will be disastrous if not controlled, pushing End Citizens to mobilize for grass root support. A case in point was Citizens United v. F.E.C. The case completely shifted and changed the conduct of elections in the United States.


It created the idea that ‘corporations’ are people, hence, gave way for billionaires to channel money into these same corporations without any limitations, with the money remaining untraceable. The Democratic Party has backed this referendum fully, by fielding candidates in as many political positions as possible. The End Citizens United has remained on the forefront to lobby for the support of the party in the run-up to the national elections. In short, nothing will go to chance.


Record donations in record time

In the first three months, which was simply the idea phase, the group collected $4 million. The projections indicate that by 2018, the group will have reached a target of $35 million. It is such a large sum at the perfect time since the states will be entering into its midterm congress elections.


End Citizens is currently embarking on several projects. One of the projects End Citizens United has embarked on is strategy drafting. The intention is to prepare as early as possible for the likely races that are going to take place. Some Democratic candidates are lucky that the axe will not fall on them.