A Morning Routine Helps Doe Deere To Succeed In Business

The cosmetics entrepreneur Doe Deere puts much of her success down to creating the perfect morning routine for finding success throughout the day she faces as the founder and leader of the Lime Crime brand. Born in Russia, Doe Deere made her way to New York in her bid to study fashion and develop her own fashion line beginning in her work to develop a range of unique and innovative fashion clothing sold Online under the Lime Crime brand name. Doe was developing the marketing options for her brand when she became frustrated about the lack of bold, vibrant colors available for developing the makeup style for Lime Crime and set out to create her own makeup options; in a bid to assist those who struggle to find cosmetics products to reflect their own style Doe Deere began publishing cosmetics video tutorials to the Internet and found a market for the makeup she was developing.


The founder of the vegan and animal testing free makeup brand has recently revealed her own morning regime, which includes the various kinds of makeup used by the Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere as she prepares herself for the day ahead. Doe uses a range of cosmetics from manufacturers, including L’Oreal and MAC, alongside her favorites from the Lime Crime brand; Doe Deere understands it is important her company remains current and important to her followers and an ever expanding group of customers who hope to take advantage of the unique and innovative colors and products developed by the Lime Crime brand. Among the innovations, Doe Deere has overseen after being told by an experienced cosmetics executive that she had no chance of success in attempting to sell cosmetics Online are the lipstick swatch that has now become an option developed by the majority of cosmetics manufacturers in the world.


Doe Deere believes it is important to understand your own body when attempting to develop a morning routine that can not only set the individual up for the day ahead but also allows a growing level of success to be achieved in maintaining a successful beauty regime. The personal routine of Doe Deere includes a late night shower followed by around nine hours of sleep, a time arrived at by Doe Deere as she has learned to understand the needs of her own body. The morning routine of Doe Deere also includes avoiding emails and the majority of messages sent to Doe Deere’s cell phone during the night in a bid to clear her mind of the issues not of importance to the day the former musician is facing.

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