Creating Wealth with Richard Blair

Richard Blair established Wealth Solutions Inc. in 1994 as an investment and retirement advisory company. Based in Austin, Texas, the company is a Registered Investment Advisory and has created a reputation for offering excellent advice to its clients, leading them to make the right investment and retirement decisions. Wealth Solutions Inc. uses various strategies to ensure customer satisfaction and to enable them to reach their financial goals. They have allowed their clients to create, control and safeguard their wealth through time proven means which also ensure the sustainability of the created wealth, leading to lasting financial stability for all their clients. The company relies on three fundamental pillars whose effectiveness has been proven by their impeccable success record. They help by examining and making an effort to understand each’s financial capabilities and comparing them to their retirement goals, enabling them to create a tailored plan for each client. The company does not employ a one fits all model for their business. Learn more:


The first pillar in Wealth Solutions Inc.’s strategy is examining each client’s financial capabilities to determine just what goals to set and the period for each of the goals. The second one is to discuss the customer’s monetary needs to see if they are realistic and to ascertain the risk factors involved in the investment plan. The third pillar involved the creation of a tailored investment plan, ideal for the client’s monetary needs and aligned to their financial capabilities. That way, the company ensures that there are minimal risk and heightened chances for the success of their investment plan. Wealth Solutions Inc. has been able to survive for this long and maintains their spot on the apex of investment and retirement advisory due to their excellent business strategy. Learn more:


The company founder, Mr. Richard Blair, is a well-trained wealth management and investment professional with a world of experience spanning decades in practice. Richard Blair attended and graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management Services. He also holds a Retirement Certified Income Professional certificate, which makes him an authority in the area. Mr. Blair is also a certified tax specialist, income specialist, annuity specialist and fund specialist. All these certifications have been attained at different points of his career and speak to his superior knowledge in the area of income investment. His company serves clients from the towns of Houston, Marble Falls, Georgetown and Bastrop and include wealthy individuals and their families members as well as small business owners. Learn more: