Kate Hudson Uses Competitive Advantage to Boost Sales For Fabletics

Fabletics is the company that is giving many consumers something different than what they have seen before. This may be the reason that Kate Hudson has been able to compete with Amazon and other companies that one might not believe she could compete with. It doesn’t matter that Fabletics is only producing 250 million in sales while Amazon is producing billions of dollars in revenue. The simple fact that Kate Hudson is even on the radar for Jeff Bezos and Amazon means a whole lot. The fact that Jeff considers Kate Hudson and her Fabletics brand a threat is a surefire sign that she has headed in the right direction.


When someone looks at the blueprint for Fabletics they may wonder how this company could become the type of brand that could breakdown the customer base for Amazon. People that are looking at this as a website that only has a few physical stores will have to look a little deeper. On the surface it may just seem like a website with a couple of stores, but the reality is much greater. Within the next five years there is talk of 100 stores opening for the Fabletics brand. There is also more talk about expanding to other countries outside of the United States. Fabletics is already established in places like Australia and Canada. It is only a matter of time before other countries become exposed to the brand that Kate Hudson is taking on a global level.


No one may be surprised about the fact that Hudson is marketing this brand. After all, she is a very athletic woman that believes in working out in style. The surprise may come when people discover that Kate Hudson has put her acting career on hold to pursue her passion as entrepreneur. This is another thing that gives her the strength to successfully compete with Amazon.


She has shown that she knows about more than acting, and the career that she has established is solid in the acting world. Kate wants to also show that she is just as passionate about building her business, and she wants to show that she knows a thing or two about competitive advantage. She realizes that her passion in one area of life and entertainment has helped her transition into the role of a successful entrepreneur. She believes that people feed off her energy as an actress.