Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Recruiter Authority

In the world of business, it is important to hire the right people for the job, but for executive recruiter Julie Zuckerberg the rewards are staggering. An executive recruiter’s job is just that; to recruit individuals that are qualified to fit executive-role positions. Between managing employee grievances, filling open job postings, and developing recruitment strategies, the work that she must undergo is staggering and often overwhelming. Learning what people would fit well in which position can be a challenge, but Mrs. Zuckerberg finds the job fulfilling despite its perceived difficulty. In fact, she enjoys the work that she does, because her methods strengthen the bonds between her coworkers and her employees, and overall makes the job much more enjoyable. Through her work with various banking firms in New York, she developed extraordinary skills as a recruiter and uses them to their fullest. Her credentials for the job include a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York, as well as an extensive 10-year history in the field.



Julie began her career in 2002 at Hudson as a Director of Candidate Placement. During her five-year employment with the company, she was in charge of recruiting attorneys, paralegals, and support staff for both temporary and permanent positions within law firms and corporations. She also managed employee information about benefits and opportunities for advancement within the company. Her job extended to employee relations with counseling, coaching, and de-escalating disputes between parties. When Zuckerberg left the company in 2007, she moved on to be an executive recruiter at Citi Bank. While with Citi, she was responsible for recruiting candidates to senior level roles within Legal and Compliance sectors, as well as hire director and managing director positions for CitiCards. She was also responsible for counseling managers and creating job postings to fill executive positions. Zuckerberg did a brief, four-month employment with New York Life Insurance before moving on to her most recent work position, Deutsche Bank.



Currently, Julie Zuckerberg works for Deutsche Bank in New York City as an Executive Recruiter. She hires and fills positions based on best possible candidate, as well as manage employees and job postings. During the hiring process, Zuckerberg looks for workers acquainted with the field to ensure that employees are qualified and possess the knowledge to complete their job accurately and efficiently. When she is hiring she also speaks to her employees in a way that invites their opinions on possible candidates, which opens a dialogue between her and her employees to create a welcoming environment. However, Julie’s life is not all about her job, and she does enjoy other, more relaxing activities such as running, home decoration, collecting food recipes on Pinterest, and getting involved with her community. She is also very passionate about a number of social issues such as animal and human rights, social welfare, science, technology, and economic development, and actively supports those groups that are relevant to her interests.


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