The Evolution of EOS Lip Balms

The Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms is one of the best things that ever happened to women and men who can’t stay without a good lip balm in their pockets or handbags. These lip balms are far different from the old chapsticks that would come in cylindrical tubes and no fun to them. They made it feel like applying lip balm was a drug taking ritual. But the year 2009, the best thing in the beauty industry happened. Three like-minded individuals came up with a lip balm brand, Evolution of Smooth.

Craig Dubitsky, Jonathan Teller and Mehra came together and founded the EOS lip balm brand. According to their Fast Company interview, they started by conducting a research to find the gap in this specific niche. What they found out is that many companies are driven by the need to cut on costs and maximize on their profits. They found this as an opportunity for a business to thrive. They also found out that the highest percentage of lip balm users were women. And, while most companies produced unisex lip balms, women wanted to have something fun and playful. Something like an accessory that they could put in their handbags. With this information, they went down to work.

The three raised funds out of their own pockets and decided to put delight in pots of lip balm. They made lip balms with innovativeness that hadn’t been seen before. They put the lip balms on round pots that fit perfectly in the hands. Then they concentrated on the smell, ensuring that the fragrance is perfect. They founders of EOS also looked into the taste and even the clicking sounds of when the lip balm is closed. Today, EOS lip balms can be found in literally every store.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.