Norman Paitiz PodCastOne Show Podcast Advertsing

Norman Paitz executive chairman of PodcastOne announced results to PR Newswire about studies that were conducted studying advertising of fiver major consumer brands. The study measured the before and after results of podcast advertising during 2016. It showed podcast advertising has impact on consumers brand recall.

Their study showed 60% of consumers mentioned the grocery brand after the podcast advertising campaign. The complete study increased product awareness for financial products, lawn care, and automobile aftermarket services. The company conducted three different studies in 2016 to measure effectiveness of podcast advertising.

The five brands tested ranged from well known to lesser know. They focused on new advertising messages and ways to convey the image of the product or service. They conducted a survey of the audience before they ran the advertising podcasts. After the podcast had run for 4 to six weeks they ran another survey of the audience.

Overall the study showed the audience that listened to podcast advertising was receptive to new products and willing to think about purchasing new brands. Norman Paitz partnered with Edison research vice president Tom Webster to conduct the podcast study. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Norman Paitz has many years of experience. In 1976 when he lost his job he created his own company called Westwood One. He marketed a show about Motown with unreleased music and artist interviews that he sold to different radio stations. About 200 radio stations ran the programming. After the end of his first year he had grossed $200,000 in revenue.

In 1984 he made his company public. Eventually Infinity Broadcasting took over the management. He left in 2010 and started another company called Courtside Entertainment that handled high profile entertainers for Westwood One. He met Kit Gray a young professional making $2 million a year selling podcasts. He found that there was little competition in the industry.

According to Dash Conference, Norman Paitz went into business with Kit Gray creating PodCastOne. Today this company is very successful and continues to grow with podcast adverting program. They stared with six advertisers and quickly acquired more than 100. They made deal to distribute the radio show to major networks.