Squaw Valley Is Fixing Up The Upper Mountain Water Quality Issue

Squaw Valley has just released a statement in order to calm the fear in people’s mind about E. coli, as well as coliform bacteria, having been found in its drinking water on the upper mountain.



It was the 8th of Nov when this health issue was communicated to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. After this, the water is being treated on a continuous basis. Now it has improved considerably. The water is being examined continuously and shows that three of the four wells which are serving this have low amounts of coliform. There has been no trace of E. coli in them. This has been stated by Wesley Nicks, who is the director of Placer County Environmental Health.



Due to this issue, Upper mountain’s restaurants have closed. Skiers have been told not to drink the water here till the issue gets resolved. No reports have come in of any health issues. Skiing is continuing as usual at the ski resort.



It was on 30 Nov that a full statement was provided. This was delivered by Liesl Kenney, who is the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.



This statement presented facts regarding water quality at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. October saw a heavy rain storm lashing this area. It led to several water systems getting affected all across Placer County. This is why the water system got inundated leading to its contamination. He also mentioned that this issue was highly limited. It did not reach anywhere beyond the system. There were no other water systems that got affected this way. He also clarified that contaminated water was never supplied to the public at any given time.



There has been the routine testing conducted of this water. It has confirmed it. The Placer County Environmental Health along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District was contacted and informed about this issue. Many safety experts were also contacted regarding this. Steps have now been taken, and these will continue till the contaminated water returns to its normal levels. Now bottled drinking water is being supplied to the skiers here.