The Life Of A Modern Millionaire

Research shows that a modern millionaire has seven sources of income. This means that you must have a sixth sense of curiosity that is driven by a sense of responsibility for you to become a millionaire in the current economy. There is no better word to define Arthur Becker when you look into his life. According to his crunchbase bio, Arthur Becker is a current millionaire who invests in cool stuff that involves making money. He is an entrepreneur based in New York, He invests in real estate, biotechnology and information technology, fashion, and art. His choice of investment makes him cool because the blending of the different field produces a good texture for him as an entrepreneur.

Arthur Becker is also a philanthropist, see . A philanthropist is a person who gives back to the society after he or she has created wealth in the community. Becker’s character makes an admirable person for anyone to emulate. His contribution to the community is profound as he ends up giving back to the society in the long run. He is committed to improving the company and the community as well. He is a modern millionaire with a peculiar taste in what he invests in as mentioned above.

Arthur Becker is a graduate of Bennington College. He graduated with a B.A in Fine Arts. Arthur had an excellent combination of studies since he majored in pre-med, ceramics, and photography. This explains why he is a modern millionaire. He is the manager at Madison Partners, LLC. The firm invests in real estate and startups in biotechnology. Becker has been a leader in several organizations.

Arthur has cultivated different skills and interests under his leadership. They have helped him in decision making and developing investment interest. Arthur believes in working with people who are of higher capacity than himself. Working with more capable people yields greater results. Arthur believes in talent. He is optimistic that talent can propel someone to success if it is used well. He believes that a talented person can change the world if he or she is in position to critically think and come up with ideas.