Squaw Valley Is Fixing Up The Upper Mountain Water Quality Issue

Squaw Valley has just released a statement in order to calm the fear in people’s mind about E. coli, as well as coliform bacteria, having been found in its drinking water on the upper mountain.



It was the 8th of Nov when this health issue was communicated to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. After this, the water is being treated on a continuous basis. Now it has improved considerably. The water is being examined continuously and shows that three of the four wells which are serving this have low amounts of coliform. There has been no trace of E. coli in them. This has been stated by Wesley Nicks, who is the director of Placer County Environmental Health.



Due to this issue, Upper mountain’s restaurants have closed. Skiers have been told not to drink the water here till the issue gets resolved. No reports have come in of any health issues. Skiing is continuing as usual at the ski resort.



It was on 30 Nov that a full statement was provided. This was delivered by Liesl Kenney, who is the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.



This statement presented facts regarding water quality at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. October saw a heavy rain storm lashing this area. It led to several water systems getting affected all across Placer County. This is why the water system got inundated leading to its contamination. He also mentioned that this issue was highly limited. It did not reach anywhere beyond the system. There were no other water systems that got affected this way. He also clarified that contaminated water was never supplied to the public at any given time.



There has been the routine testing conducted of this water. It has confirmed it. The Placer County Environmental Health along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District was contacted and informed about this issue. Many safety experts were also contacted regarding this. Steps have now been taken, and these will continue till the contaminated water returns to its normal levels. Now bottled drinking water is being supplied to the skiers here.




The Life Of A Modern Millionaire

Research shows that a modern millionaire has seven sources of income. This means that you must have a sixth sense of curiosity that is driven by a sense of responsibility for you to become a millionaire in the current economy. There is no better word to define Arthur Becker when you look into his life. According to his crunchbase bio, Arthur Becker is a current millionaire who invests in cool stuff that involves making money. He is an entrepreneur based in New York, http://madisonpartners.nyc/. He invests in real estate, biotechnology and information technology, fashion, and art. His choice of investment makes him cool because the blending of the different field produces a good texture for him as an entrepreneur.

Arthur Becker is also a philanthropist, see arthurbeckerstudio.com . A philanthropist is a person who gives back to the society after he or she has created wealth in the community. Becker’s character makes an admirable person for anyone to emulate. His contribution to the community is profound as he ends up giving back to the society in the long run. He is committed to improving the company and the community as well. He is a modern millionaire with a peculiar taste in what he invests in as mentioned above.

Arthur Becker is a graduate of Bennington College. He graduated with a B.A in Fine Arts. Arthur had an excellent combination of studies since he majored in pre-med, ceramics, and photography. This explains why he is a modern millionaire. He is the manager at Madison Partners, LLC. The firm invests in real estate and startups in biotechnology. Becker has been a leader in several organizations.

Arthur has cultivated different skills and interests under his leadership. They have helped him in decision making and developing investment interest. Arthur believes in working with people who are of higher capacity than himself. Working with more capable people yields greater results. Arthur believes in talent. He is optimistic that talent can propel someone to success if it is used well. He believes that a talented person can change the world if he or she is in position to critically think and come up with ideas.


Securus Technology is a Great Tool for Fighting Corruption

Prisons are not nice places for anyone to stay. They are hard, tough and very challenging places to be. Truth is they are supposed to be that way since people are being punished for their crimes. One of the worst things that can happen within a prison is having a corrupt prison staff. If the officers who are in charge of the prison are crooked individuals; a prison can quickly turn into a place of lawlessness and an extremely dangerous place to be for everyone in and outside of jail.


Thanks to Securus communication technology, many corrupt guards and prison officials are quickly discovered. Many prisons report using Securus systems to capture shady prison guards who conduct illegal activities behind bars with inmates. Oftentimes, correctional officers will use a prison’s communication system to make calls or to use their computer system.


For some reason, many of these individuals think they can say or do anything without it being a problem. Corrupt prison officials will often communicate to the outside on an inmate’s behalf while using the phone. They will also perform shady deals with inmates in regards to contraband or to perform some other type of criminal act.


A lot of the camera systems within prisons are wired with Securus technology and these devices can capture sound as well as a person’s image. Many facilities have reported that corrupt guards have been caught through the use of Securus technology. They enjoy how this communications system can record calls and tape guard’s behaviors while they are present within a prison system.


Securus has actually helped to put an end to corrupt prison practices by corrections officers who decided to exploit the system for their own ends. Many corrections officers who are seriously trying to do their job enjoy the benefit that Securus brings. This system helps them to stem the flow of prison corruption. It also helps to make prisons a safer place to be so that guards and inmates can eventually return safely home.



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